• External Faculty: A Visiting Faculty, A Visiting Evaluator, A Visiting Juror who is not a permanent or Contract based employee of the University
  • Internal Faculty: A Faculty who is a Permanent employee of the University.
  • Black Listed Student: A Student in severe violation of Academic Conduct (Refer Academic Conduct Policy for Students) is deemed Black Listed by an Academic Disciplinary Committee of the Department.
  • Module: Subject, Agglomeration of similar topics taught together
  • Skill module: Caters to teaching of skill such as model making, technical drawing, software, painting, sketching, drawing, etc. which are the basic skills needed for representation, observation and documentation.
  • Design process module: Caters to teaching of methods of analysis, understanding of basic design, methods of documentation of a built form, etc.
  • Jury : Panel of 1-4 external jurors evaluating your project in Coming Soon with internal faculties.
  • ESE : End Sem Exam of 2-3 hours either written or drawing based.
  • Internal Project Reviews & Internal test will be termed as Internal Evaluation.
  • Exams & Juries conducted at the end of semester will be termed as External Evaluation.
  • Phase 1 is first 3 years (semester 1 to 6) & Phase 2 is last 2 years (semester 7 to 10) within a 5- Year B.Arch. Degree Program.