Teaching Scheme


LECTURE: Its primary objective is to impart theoretical concepts/ideas/examples about a particular topic to a large group of students. It is an intensive, time-bound method to communicate all aspects of this particular topic to students. The method of teaching can be verbal only or may involve other visual aids like sketching, modeling, PowerPoint presentations etc. Lectures should have review tests to gauge the understanding of concepts by students.

DESIGN PROJECT: Its primary objective is to create/define real life design problems and help students devise solutions to these problems. Here students are taught to synthesize and apply all the theoretical concepts, techniques, skills they learn during all other classes

SEMINAR: This format of teaching is more interactive wherein students are encouraged to critically engage with the faculty and other students during the topic which is being discussed in the class. Students are given pre-assigned readings on a topic and that topic is openly discussed during class, wherein the faculty acts as a facilitator to implicitly guide the topic but get maximum interaction from the students. After the class, students should be given assignments to write papers on the particular topic.

JURY: Critical Review of student work by a panel of experts including internal and external faculty to give feedback to the student on work done during the course of the module.