Performance Evaluation Scheme

Letter Grades, Grade Points and corresponding Scores

Score out of 100 88-100 76-85 66-75 60-65 55-59 45-54 <45
Letter grade A+ A B C D F F
Grade point 10 9 8 7 6 5 0

Note :

  • “F” indicates Fail in ENd Semester Examination and will be considered as backing
  • “Ab”indicates Absent in End Semester Examination.
  • Continuous Internal Evaluation is based on Mid Semester Examination & Internal Assessment
  • A student should obtain aggregate 45 Marks to be declared pass in the subject
    • SGPA=∑(Credit*Grade Point)/ ∑Credit
    • SGPA = Semester End Grade Point Aggregate
    • CGPA = Cumulative Grade Point Aggregate
  • CGPA will be calculated in a similar manner, at any semester, considering all the courses enrolled from the first semester.
  • The declaration class is based on CGPA calculated using SGPA, of all the semesters of the opted courses.