Here at IDEA, we base our academics in the roots of research, case studies and due analysis. Proper referencing enables a diverse and evolutionary environment for both students and academicians.

We encourage self-learning and sharing of ideas as the core of architectural education. For this, a vast and qualitative content in references, books and journals, help and support the system. Through a collection of (number of) books, (number of to be provided later) national and international journals, and …. electronic sources we provide students with an opportunity to look at their education through different perspectives.

Publications, research works, student reports, portfolios and study programs done by students and academicians at IDEA are also a part of the library, which helps in understanding the direction in which we work. Periodic upgradation of contents of the library is a part of the curriculum development and is done in an efficient manner in relation to the demands of the education system we follow.

Spread across over 600 sq.m., our library is well-stocked and has a collection of over 26000 volumes of books besides subscriptions for more than 250 National and International Journals. It also possesses Electronic Resources on books, journals, project reports along with CDs and DVDs on specific topics of interest. One can also find reprographic facilities in the library. It follows Dewey Decimal Classification System for the arrangement of the books and established practices in lending its resources to its faculties and students.

The library has an Online Publication Access Catalogue (OPAC) as well, permitting the users on the campus to access the catalogue from their desks. Indus library has an institutional membership with ADINET and DELNET providing online access to a large number of e-books and e-journals