Indus University Auditorium is a fully featured, air-conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 600 people and serves as a hub of all functions and cultural activities happening in the University.


Lecture halls are well-ventilated and spacious, equipped with overhead and LCD projectors along with Public Address System, with arrangements for laptop power supply and comfortable contemporary furniture.

Seminar Hall

Seminar halls are fully furnished and are available for various Co-Curricular activities to all departments and constituent Institutions of the University.


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Workshops are an important part of our learning process at IDEA. We impart knowledge of working with materials through the process of “hands-on making”. Students, with the help of professionals and experts, experience working with concrete, timer and bamboo, mud, and metal to try the materials out and exhibit the things they make. Through studios as well as through collaborative programs, students make models and installations at different scales (even in 1:1 scale) to understand how to work with these materials.

To support this process, we have advanced machinery and tools. For concrete and metal, we tie up with the Civil Engineering Department at INDUS campus and for timber or bamboo we have a separate workshop of our own. We also contain a Mobile Workshop (run and maintained by students of IDEA) which helps students to relocate their working place according to their need and convenience.

At IDEA we do extensive workshop courses related to construction materials as well as on paper making, origami, paper tubes etc., which helps students to diversify their knowledge of materials.