At IDEA we strive to create an environment of learning through discussions, peer reviews, juries etc. The aim of such processes is to communicate as well as understand the methodologies that everyone adapts to in a process.

Exhibitions that we conduct try to accentuate and display the same idea. It gives students a platform to display their own work as well as to understand works of others. Yearly, we conduct around six to seven exhibitions of student’s works as well as invite architects and academicians to exhibit their works supported by seminars and lectures.

Normally we have student exhibition for skill module and studios. After the completion of every collaborative program or relative studies, Students display the outcome through mediums of drawings, movies, models etc. This gives a common platform for all to come together and discuss contemporary issues of architecture.

At IDEA we have a designated team of students to work on implementation of these exhibitions and have a defined space where they are conducted.