Conduct & Discipline

  • Ragging or any such kind of activity is strictly prohibited. Any such act is a punishable offence under the directives of AICTE, Council of Architecture and Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Govt. of India., the student’s admission may be cancelled and he/she may be prosecuted under law.
  • Indus University Campus is a “Smoking & Tobacco Free Zone”. Chewing of tobacco & smoking on the campus is prohibited.
  • Using mobile phones in the INDUS University campus is prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken in following two stages:
    • Warning 1: When caught using the phone for the first time, the student will have to submit an apology letter and depending on discretion of the faculty, he/she may be suspended from the module.
    • Warning 2: If caught for the second time, the student will be suspended from the module.
  • Faculties will not entertain any calls on their mobile phones by a student or his/her parents/guardian for any reason. Landline number of the department may be used to obtain prior permission to meet. Parents are requested to meet faculty with prior appointment only.
  • Meeting or trying to meet the faculty at any place other than Indus campus is strictly prohibited. Any communication with the faculty or the INDUS University staff has to be done only through official INDUS University e-mail address assigned to the students.
  • Delay in arrival for juries and in submissions will lead to disqualification from appearing in juries and exams.
  • It is mandatory for every student to participate in any SIX of the summer/winter collaborative programs for a successful completion of the course.
  • During the off-campus academic activities like documentation, RSP, workshops, etc., the respective “law-of-the-land” applies. *
  • Contacting or trying to contact the President, Vice Chancellor, HoD, Teachers during off-campus hours without prior permission is prohibited and may lead to a disciplinary action. Appointments can be sought only through mail. (Ad-hoc appointments will not be entertained).
  • Intimidation or instigation of any sort towards the faculty members or any member of INDUS University staff will be treated as legal offence and dealt with as per the law.
  • Each student is requested to remain disciplined in classrooms and workshops. Spending long hours away from the class and workshops or loitering in college campus shall not be tolerated.
  • Do not disrespect faculty members and college staff. The instructions being given by them from time to time are to be followed unequivocally. Any act of indiscipline or misconduct in this regard will lead to disciplinary action and possible suspension.
  • Each student is free to dress in any manner as long as it is not provocative or unkempt in any manner.
  • Medium of communication with other students should be English only. This is for a student’s self-benefit will help develop needed communication and linguistic skills.
  • About LOST AND FOUND: While on campus, everyone’s personal belongings like purse, college bag, mobile phone, Identity Card, etc. are his/her responsibility and Indus University cannot be held accountable for any misplacement or if they get stolen. In case if one finds anyone else’s belongings, he/sheis requested to deposit the same at the Student Section/ Administrative Office. Students are also advised to carry their ID card every day and use it for the access to visit the place or person. In case permission letter from the department/ university is required, kindly inform well in advance.
  • The notice boards are updated regularly with announcements and circulars. One should make a habit of glancing at them since any announcements or circulars related to academic studies would be pinned on the notice boards. Fee-related information will be intimated through these notice boards as well as email and shall be available on the website as well.