• Attendance of each student is mandatory in each module of the semester. Regularity and punctuality is expected. Student presence will be recorded from the very first day of the semester. A student’s attendance will be marked separately in the two halves of the day. Failure to show up in either half at the time of attendance will be treated as absent for that day even if he/she was present in the other half. Each students is requested to be punctual to not miss attendance roll call.
  • In a semester, a student must attend all classes conducted in each module. Medical Leave will be considered only if you are absent for three or more days and produce a valid Medical Certificate and Report upon joining of the regular classes. One is required to get this certificate and report signed by the class coordinator on the day of return to campus, not later. If unable to produce the certificate on the day of return, he/she will be marked absent and leave will not be treated as Medical Leave. Absence of a day or two will not be granted as Medical Leave and thus will be marked as absent for the period.
    • Leave is not granted for social reasons. If a student still must take leave, ensure that prior permission has been taken from the concerned faculty via email or written application. Though it is the policy of the department to respect religious beliefs in compliance with state optional holidays, each student who is absent from class because of his/her religious beliefs shall take prior permission for leave.
    • As per UGC regulations, each student is required to have at least 80% attendance in each module after deducting any medical and other leaves. If a student’s attendance falls short of 80%, he/she will not be allowed to appear in the end-of-semester exam. In case of practical subjects instead of theory, he/she will be barred from giving the viva/jury. (100% =80% Minimum attendance + 20% Medical & Other leaves).
    • If a student is found to be a part of any gross indiscipline/mass bunking, he/she will be black listed & suspended for the whole module. As a blacklisted student, one will not be allowed to participate in any summer/winter collaborative workshops outside of Ahmedabad and he/she will not get any recommendation letter from the Institute.
    • Any and all work given to students must be done on campus and during working hours.