• 1 Winter Workshop
  • 2 Sketching Club
  • 3 Monsoon Workshop Week - "In Us 15"
  • 4 Summer Program 2015-Narratives of Ladakh  Morphological study of heritage in Kargil.
  • 5 Origami Workshop - Explorations with paper
  • 6 Explore & Express Workshop - Explorations with corrugated paper
  • 7 Bamboo Workshop - Hands on with bamboo details
  • 8 Photography Workshop - Techniques and explorations

"Consider the momentous moment in architecture when the walls parted and columns begun."

Louis I Kahn

Architecture is positioned at a distinctive instant in time where history & modernity are juxtaposed; yet language of this amalgamation is heavily debated. Faced with an ever-increasing attention on global order and modern tools for architectural enquiry, it is crucial to carry along learnings from history,

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At IDEA, our inspiration are people; everyday people, around and for whom architecture is built. In addition to offering a comprehensive education related to human habitations we aspire creating an environment through our students where architecture is rewarded with nobility of ideas, roots of academic enquiry and virtues of social responsibility. Seeking to build a more robust set of professionals, the student of architecture resides within an energetic and motivated interdisciplinary environment prepared to take on the many exciting challenges facing our profession today.

IDEA Research Cell .

Agency for promotion of applied Studies and research in built and un-built spheres of humun habitations and settlements within the wider spectrum of under mentioned areas. The research cell aims at summing up the entire research, innovation, design and publications departments and structure it in such a way that a sync can be established and towards a focused holistic approach to design education and research.

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